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Confederate Infantry were also known as Johnny Rebs, or Rebels. They were known for their boldness, their courage, and their honor.

The Confederates, under the command of such notable generals, as Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forest were an extremely formidable foe for any enemy that they encountered.

The problem Confederate infantry faced were they were normally out-numbered, out-gunned, and out-supplied.

It is estimated that during the Civil War, up to 2,000,000 Confederates fought in the Southern Army. Confederate President Jefferson Davis was commander in chief of the entire southern army.

Braxton Bragg along with Robert E. Lee were his two leading generals. Robert E. Lee was in charge of the conduct of military operations in the Confederate Army from May 13, to May 31, 1862.

Confederate soldiers during the Civil War

Confederate soldiers during the Civil War

He was referred to as Davis’ military adviser, but had control over strategic and logistical aspects of the army. On June 1, he took command of the Army of Northern Virginia. Like Lee, Braxton Bragg was also charged with control of military operations, from February 24, 1864, to January 31, 1865.

Each regiment was commanded by a captain. Regiments were generally created and funded by their home state. Sometimes however wealthy individuals would pay and arm their own soldiers and lead them in battle. Each regiment received a number such as 4th or 7th. The regiments would be called 4th Texas or 7th Virginia as an example. They were also grouped into brigades. Brigades were formed once regiments entered a battlefield. With limited and dwindling supplies and ammunition, the Confederate infantrymen were ill equipped to fight off an army of well-trained and well-fed Union regulars.

Confederate armies had very dismal supplies. The lack of effective railroads, combined with the inability of the Southern government to provide adequate funding, were all factors that led to the Confederate Army’s defeat. Because of this lack of supplies, Confederate soldiers were rarely able to wear a standard regulation uniform. They often displayed a wide array of clothing. Their uniforms were more often than not homemade and dyed to look the same as everyone else’s.

After a victory, it was not strange that a Confederate soldier would raid a Union soldiers clothes and supplies. This could make for confusion during battles. Individual states were supposed to supply their soldiers, and some states could afford to supply their soldiers better than others, nevertheless as the war progressed every state in the South began to struggle just to get their troops the most basic of supplies.