Civil War Academy

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Civil War Artillery at Sunset

Civil War Academy

The Civil War was a horrific four years for the United States. It was originally thought that 620,000 Americans had died from battle and war-related causes during the Civil War, however the current estimations are that the Civil War caused the deaths of 750,000 Americans. More Americans died during the Civil War then all other American wars combined.

American had fought against American and in some cases, brother had fought against brother. Yet, Americans and people around the world continue to be enthralled with the American Civil War. Every year thousands of people relive the war by participating in reenactments. No doubt about it, Americans love remembering an era you might think we would like to forget.

Perhaps one reason for our fascination is that the war is in many ways still near to us, both in time and in its underlying issues, such as the proper balance between governmental authority and freedom, that still perplex the nation. Plus, the war was the first conflict to be captured in photographs, making it so much more real and present than conflicts we know about simply from writings or paintings.

Of course, not everyone who is interested in the war is consciously aware of these issues. With its stirring music, elaborate dress, and noble soldiers on both sides, the war appeals to our sense of romance and adventure.

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