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The term Confederate black soldiers is unheard of to most people. Everyone knows of the bravery of the Union black soldiers. Most however no virtually nothing about how blacks made a significant contribution to the Confederate war effort.

The black-Confederate soldier is not often read about but did in fact exist.

The proof that black soldiers fought in the war on the side of the Confederacy can be seen in the pension affidavits of the bravest of men who fought against their own benefactors, the Union army.

The problem that people of both sides have with the idea of a black soldier actually attempting to kill the very people who are fighting to free them, is the insanity of it. At first glance this would seem to be the case. The reason that this did occur and would occur was because they were southerners and their country was being invaded. They fought to preserve their southern heritage.

They decided to honor their country even in the face of life and death, even with the chance of freedom by simply reaching the nearest Yankee soldier. They fought instead for their country first, and the hope of earning their freedom second. Of course many blacks did choose to flee to the North and gain their freedom, however we must also remember the ones who chose to stay and fight for the southern cause.

The Confederate government hesitated to enlist blacks in the army simply because if they showed that blacks were worthy enough to defend the Confederacy they would not be able to continue to justify the institution of slavery.

Despite this the Confederates loss of manpower during the course of the war forced them to officially begin recruiting blacks into the army on March 13th 1865. The south enlisted several thousand black soldiers however even this could not turn the tide most of these new troops saw any real combat before the war came to an end.