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Confederate Artillery was always at a disadvantage to the North. The industrial North had a greater capacity for manufacturing weapons. The Confederacy mainly used artillery that they had captured from the Union Armies.

Artillery that was built in the South often suffered from the shortage of quality metals and terrible workmanship. The South also had very poor quality ammunition.

The average Confederate battery consisted of four cannons. The South did not produce many working cannons. The cannons they had were taken, and then retro fitted by the Confederates.

Due to a shortage of guns, Confederate batteries only consisted of four guns, versus the six guns the Union had. Their batteries consisted of mixed caliber weapons. Instead of brigades, the Confederates had battalions. A battalion had four batteries that were assigned to infantry divisions. Each corps was assigned two battalions.

Despite the problems faced by Southern artillerymen they proved extremely valuable and fought very well even though they were at a huge disadvantage to their northern counterparts for the better part of the entire war.