American Civil War

The American Civil War


The Zouaves (pronounced zoo-ahvs) were a division of light infantry corps originally designed in 1830 to serve in North Africa as the colonial military arm of the French Army.

The name “Zouave” comes from the French derivative of the name Zouavas (Zwawa/Igawawen), a Berber tribe from the Djurdjura mountains of Algeria […]



Hardtack is a dense water cracker or biscuit made of water and flour (although salt was also common, albeit not always used). It was frequently found in military rations across European and American history.

Most famously, hardtack was used as a long-lasting food, able to withstand months or even years […]


Anaconda Plan

When Did the Anaconda Plan Start

The Anaconda Plan was developed at the beginning of the American Civil War. It was the Union’s strategic plan to defeat the Confederacy.

Why Did the Union Call it the Anaconda Plan

The main purpose of the Anaconda plan was to defeat the rebellion […]

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