Civil War Battles in Louisiana

A Brief Overview of Louisiana’s Role in the American Civil War

Louisiana and the Civil War battles fought there held a significant and impactful role that shaped the course of the conflict. Strategically positioned along the Mississippi River, this Southern state became a vital battleground […]

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Civil War Battles in Oklahoma

A Brief Overview of Oklahoma’s Role in the American Civil War

Oklahoma and the Civil War battles that took place there, then known as Indian Territory, played a significant role in the American Civil War due to its strategic location between the Union and Confederate states. Its diverse […]

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Fall of Richmond

The American Civil War was a conflict that tore the nation apart and established a new era. It was marked by numerous significant events and battles. The Fall of Richmond, the Confederate States of America’s capital, was one of the most significant of these.

This pivotal moment in the war not […]

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Parrott Rifle

During the Civil War, the Parrott Rifle was a cutting-edge piece of artillery that provided an unprecedented combination of range, accuracy, and firepower. The Parrott Rifle was created at the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, New York, by West Point graduate and inventor Robert Parker Parrott.

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Civil War Weapons

There were many types of Civil War weapons ranging from muskets to ironclads.

In the roughly 80 years between the American Revolution and the start of the Civil War, weapon technology had advanced greatly.

Despite advancements in technology the arsenals in both the Union and Confederacy were still mostly stocked with the […]

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Blockade Runners

Blockade runners were ships that attempted to get through the Union blockade of Southern waters during the Civil War.

As the Civil War raged on, the Union sought to cripple the Confederate economy by imposing a naval blockade on Southern ports. This strategy, known as the Anaconda Plan, aimed to […]

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Sultana Ship

The Sultana Ship disaster came at the end of the American Civil War. The Confederate surrender to the Union on April 9th, 1865, was the culmination of four incredibly difficult years for the United States, leaving the nation battered and weary.

The Sultana Ship Disaster - This  [...]
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Battle of Seven Pines

The Battle of Seven Pines (also called the Battle of Fair Oaks, Battle of Fair Oaks Station) was fought on May 31st to June 1st, 1862, in Henrico County, Virginia.

At this point in the Civil War, Seven Pines was one of the bloodiest battles of the war, second to the […]

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Sherman’s March to the Sea

Sherman’s March to the Sea, part of the Atlanta-Savannah Campaign, was one of the most important, infamous, and controversial military operations from the American Civil War (1861-1865). The March was intended to help end the fighting of the bloody Civil War and preserve the Union through the destruction of the […]

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