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Generals of the Civil War

Civil War generals numbered in the hundreds during the war. Generals of the Civil War either won or lost battles due to their competence as commanders or their incompetence. Some generals such as Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant are famous for their brilliant tactics and wise decisions on the field of battle.

Other less impressive people of the Civil War are remembered simply for being as equally terrible as Lee was great. Union General Ambrose Burnside is one shinning example of incompetence and ineptitude that was nothing more than a burden to his subordinates and his men.

Below you will find a list of the most famous leaders during the Civil War.

Confederate Union

Robert E. Lee

Bloody Bill Anderson
Lewis Armistead
Porter Alexander
P.G.T. Beauregard
Barnard Bee
Braxton Bragg
Jubal Early
Richard Ewell
Nathan Bedford Forrest
AP Hill
John Bell Hood
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
Albert Sidney Johnston
Joseph Johnston
James Longstreet
John Mosby
John Pemberton
George Pickett
Kirby Smith
Jeb Stuart
Ulysses S. Grant

Robert Anderson
Nathaniel Banks
John Buford
Ambrose Burnside
Benjamin Butler
Joshua Chamberlain
George Custer
Abner Doubleday
Winfield Scott Hancock
Joseph Hooker
Oliver Howard
Arthur MacArthur
George McCllelan
Irvin McDowell
George Gordon Meade
John Reynolds
William Starke Rosecrans
Philip Sheridan
William Tecumseh Sherman
Daniel Sickles
George Thomas

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Jul 21, 2013

Civil War Generals, Generals of the Civil War, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War people

Civil War Generals were one of the most important factors that determined the outcome of battles during the Civil War

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Jul 08, 2013

About Me

I am the owner and creator of Civil War Academy

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Jul 23, 2011

USS Galena, Ironclad, Battle of Ironclads

The USS Galena was one of the most impressive ironclad ships during the Civil War. In the Civil War, sea-superiority was of high importance.

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Feb 18, 2010

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Advertising Disclosure. This site is my personal site. It accepts advertising and other forms of compensation.

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Nov 09, 2009

Brass Band, Civil War Music, Civil War Bands

The brass band of the Civil War played a very important role for both armies. They played at recruitment rallies and their music often helped to encourage young men to enlist.

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