Jeb Stuart

James Ewell Brown (Jeb) Stuart (1833-1864) was born on February 6, 1833 Stuart enrolled at the the US Military Academy at West Point and graduated in 1854. His first service was the 1st US Cavalry in the Kansas territory, though he was transferred east in 1859.

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Albert Sidney Johnston


Albert Sidney Johnston was born on February 2nd 1803 in Washington, Kentucky. At the outbreak of the Civil War he immediately resigned his commission in the United States army and promptly joined the Confederate army.

He was given the rank of full general. A rank held only by a handful […]

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William Tecumseh Sherman


William Tecumseh Sherman was a Civil War general who is best remembered for his military tactical ability but also his “scorched earth” policy in the Civil War. In the course of the modern history of war, no other general or leader could compare to the sheer brilliance of Sherman’s tactical […]

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Winfield Scott Hancock


Winfield Scott Hancock had a well-earned nickname. “Superb”. A name that although was only one word, perfectly described this leader, this man. Winfield Scott Hancock was a Union commander during the Civil War.

He earned the name, “Superb” by his efforts at the Battle of Gettysburg where he lead his charge […]

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Ulysses S Grant


Ulysses S Grant was born in 1822, the son of an Ohio tanner and a nurse mother, he gained his first military experience in the books and lecture halls of West Point. As a cadet he was neither stellar nor lackluster, average was the correct term of his educational tenure. […]

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Stonewall Jackson


Stonewall Jackson is one of the most famous Civil War generals, second only to Robert E. Lee in popularity. The military career of Jackson is seen as one of the most gifted instances of tactical operations in the course of the Civil […]

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Robert E Lee


Robert E Lee was born on January 19, 1807 in Stratford Virginia. He was the proud son of Henry and Anne Hill Lee. Robert E Lee’s father fought in the Revolutionary War as a cavalry officer. Lee’s father acquired the unfortunate nickname “Light Horse Harry”.

He was called this because of […]

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For his valor demonstrated at Iuka and Corinth, William Rosecrans earned the moniker “Fighting General” from his Federal colleagues. A name that stuck with him during the entire Civil War.

The greatest military compliment he received came from President Lincoln in regards to his winning a hard fought battle at Stones […]


Richard Ewell


As Stonewall Jackson’s successor, Richard Ewell was no replacement for the superior Stonewall. Ewell lost his leg in battle and was considered to be a mild disappointment throughout his military career. To say that his best moment of the Civil war was in a losing cause would be correct.

The Battle […]

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Porter Alexander


Edward Porter Alexander was an engineer by trade and did so much in the Civil War that few people ever accomplish so much with their life as he did. The man knew how to build anything. Born with a knack for putting things together,

He was best known for his leadership […]

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