Ships during the Civil War

Civil War Ships

The American Civil War is not generally thought of as a naval war, but Civil War ships of both sides played a significant role in the conflict. The role of the Federal and Confederate Civil War naval ships in the war is all the more remarkable when you consider the […]

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April 27th 1865

On April 27, 1865 the steamboat Sultana sunk in the muddy waters of the Mississippi river. The steamer was seven miles north of the town of Memphis Tennessee, the ship exploded then went down with her crew and 2,300 just released Union POW’s.

The worst maritime disaster for the […]


USS Kearsarge

The USS Kearsarge, a 1500-ton Mohican class Union warship, was constructed in Maine in 1861. This ship was built with funds from the Civil War Emergency Shipbuilding Program under the supervision of Admiral Selver. What the Union needed was a Confederate raider hunter, what they got was one of the […]

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USS Monitor

The USS Monitor, a 987 – ton armored turret gunship was built in New York in 1862.

The Union leadership had the insight to proclaim a bill that would adequately finance the building of the ships of war that would serve proudly in the fight against the Confederate states.

She would be […]

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USS Housatonic

The USS Housatonic was one of the Civil War’s fabled war ships that sailed the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

The ship was built at the Boston Navy Yard in Massachusetts in 1861. The ship was massive, measuring over 200 feet in length and was 40 feet wide. It was steamed […]

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USS Galena

The USS Galena was one of the most impressive ironclad ships during the Civil War. In the Civil War, sea-superiority was of high importance. This 950-ton ironclad gunboat was built in Connecticut at the famous Mystic Island shipyard.

Commissioned in April of 1862 the USS Galena was immediately sent to Hampton […]

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Union Navy

The Union Navy was a well-designed and well-maintained naval force and completely ruled the seas and the rivers during the Civil War.

The Confederates never assembled an armada or a small fleet that could challenge the Unions superior naval position. The economies of both the North and the South were vastly […]

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USS Constitution

The USS Constitution was given the affectionate nickname “Old Ironsides”. There is only a handful of endearing ships that have belonged to the US Navy and this ship, this magnificent ship, tops that list.

Large and swift, she commanded the sea during the early 1800’s and is one of the only […]

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The H.L. Hunley was not the first submarine in the world but it was the first one to sink a ship.

The Confederate submarine was and still is a national treasure as it was recently dug out of 131 years of sea muck and put on display at a conservatory in […]


CSS Virginia

The CSS Virginia was born when it was left to dry rot in the sun, the remains of the USS Merrimack were found by the Confederate authorities after the Union abandoned the yard. The year was 1861 and six months later the Virginia was launched.

The ironclad ram boat was a […]

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