Prisons During the Civil War


Andersonville was a Confederate prisoner of war camp located in Sumter County in Southwestern Georgia.

The camp was officially known as Camp Sumter by the Confederate government.

The Confederates established Andersonville on February 24th 1864.

Andersonville was originally built on 17 acres of land, it was later expanded to 27 acres. […]


Elmira Prison

Elmira Prison Camp began operations on July 6th 1864. The camp was one that would be infamous for its brutality and high death count. Originally named Camp Rathbun, it was a Federal Government Camp for captured Confederate soldiers.

Revamped and re-tooled with more barracks added, the prison camp emerged as Elmira […]

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Belle Isle Prison

Belle Isle Prison is located west of Richmond Virginia. It is a small island located in the James River that was used as a Civil War Prison for captured Union soldiers. The prison only held a few small shacks, called prisoner quarters and the island afforded no protection from the […]

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