Civil War Cannons

Civil War cannons made a thunderous sound they packed a huge punch but…they didn’t really hurt a whole lot of people.

Sure you wouldn’t want to walk in front of a cannon as its lanyard is about to be pulled by a wild eyed screaming rebel, but generally speaking the average civil war infantryman wasn’t in a whole lot of danger by getting hit by an artillery shell.

There are three main types of artillery pieces. Howitzers, Mortars, and Guns.

Howitzers and Mortars were used to lob shells on top of the enemy.

Guns were used to fire straight at your opponents.

Union Soldier in front of a Civil War Cannon

Union Soldier in front of a Civil War Cannon

There were many types of guns during the Civil War but the most widely used type was the Napoleon. It was a smooth bore gun that was very popular on both sides of the conflict.